Vocabulary not turning yellow for certain languages sometimes(Turkish, Indonesian, Polish)

Hello everyone. So, I like to play around with different languages on this app sometimes, but I’ve noticed with certain languages, the words just won’t turn yellow no matter what I do. In particular, with Turkish, Indonesian, and Polish. I noticed that using the website it seems to work more often than in the app. But, I’ve been having difficulty make words turn yellow in app. The app works perfectly fine for me on most other languages though.

Can you please provide specific examples? Lesson URL and words you have problem with would be great. Thanks!

For instance these lessons. The words I’m having a problem with is all of them. When I tap them on the app, it just brings up the window showing me the definition of the words, but if I tap a definition it won’t turn yellow. Sometimes it will work for a few seconds, and then not anymore.

Thanks, we will look into it.