Vocabulary list

I can’t move to “known words” words or phrases from my vocabulary list. I can’t change the status either. When I do that, HTTP 500 (internal error) is displayed on my screen. What’s the matter?

I do not know what to say right now, but we will look into it asap, Serge.

I tried it on my account and had no trouble. What browser and computer are you using? I have a Mac and use Firefox.

Is something that just started happening? Are others having similar problems?

On another subject,Sege, can I call you some time and chat with you in French for our FrenchLingQ Podcast?

Hi Steve,
I’m currently using IE 6 with a PC and windows XP.
About a chat in French, I’m at your disposal on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 pm (French time), this week if you’re available.
Best regards

Hi Serge,

I spoke to Mark, and there are problems with this function in IE 6. Mike (our developer) is off for another week of well deserved holiday. We have this on our list of things to fix.

Were you able to use these functions before?

I will call you on Wednesday evening your time, for a podcast recording in French. Many thanks.


There’s no hurry for Mark to tackle my technical problem. In fact, I think I’ve never managed to use this fonction, at least since we moved to LingQ.
Wednesday sounds good for a chat. I’m looking forward to talking to you.


Hi Serge,

I recommend that you do the free upgrade to IE 7. I’m pretty sure only people who are using IE 6 are having a problem.


Hi Jill,

I’ve just upgraded to IE7, unfortunately there’s no improvement.


That is strange, Serge. It is working fine for us in IE7. Just to confirm, have you restarted your computer after doing the IE7 upgrade? If not, please do so and try again.

Yes, that’s really strange. I did restart my computer before trying but it does not work. Sorry for the trouble.


Not at all. Can you give us a specific example including which words, in which language and what action you were trying to perform? This will help us look into the issue.

I randomly tried different words and phrases in the list whatever status they have. I tries all the different options (delete, move to known word, change status etc…) and I got the same page HTTP500 internal error.
The target language is English.

Ok, Serge, we’ll look into this some more. Thanks.