Vocabulary list importation

Hi everyone !

Does somebody know how I could import the english column of the vocabulary list easily and quickly to Lingq?


Oh! this is a list of vocabulary for TOEIC! I am very interested in this list. But I don’t know how to import it quickly. Please wait for a little. Maybe someone will answer your question.

And I have a book written by Suzette MARKO-MICHEL et Carleen CAILLAT, which I bought in Paris.

Hi Dillemme,
I am happy to read you!
Yes maybe some one has the solution.

I have found something which is very easy to use.

It’s in alphabetic order. For the letter A : I have for the moment 537 word unknown…;-( A lot of works!!!
I have imported the words and their définition in english.

Have a nice work!!!

If I know all the words, can I get more than 900 points? Recently my score is not good…

I have successfully imported almost 1000 idioms in English section. To import words, you have to go to vocabulary page, click on the import icon, select CSV file with vocabulary and click “import”.

But it take a lot of time to make CSV file for the English column of the vocabulary list mentioned by CecileInParis. I don’t know how to make. Please wait for a moment.

I found an interesting discussion about CSV file.

Another approach is to import the list as content and go through choosing the ones you don’t know and just updating.

Yes Steeve, It was I 've already tried. But some lists needs to be “re-worked”.

On your blog the linguist I have found a big list of words : http://supervoca.net/toefllist.cgi which is very easy to import as a content.
The bad news is that I don’t know 54% of the words in that list which means around 856 words… a lot of work.
Now I am going to have a look on it!!