Vocabulary import bug

Hints are no longer being included when a CSV vocabulary is imported. I’ve tried it with many different files, finally reducing it to this simple two-line ascii character file, which you can use to reproduce the error. Try importing a file with these contents (UTF-8, Unix line breaks):

abcde, fghij, klmno

The result is:

term hints phrase

abcde f klmno
aaaaa d eeeee

It seems that it is truncating the hint. It also seems that its a new bug, since I have successfully imported such files before.

Is there any workaround for this problem?

Hi helderdarocha,
Thanks for letting us know. It seems that there is some problem here, we’ll check what is wrong. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Helder,
This issue is fixed now. Thanks for your patience and thanks for letting us know about it!