Vocabulary filter gets in the way of making changes to status 4 words

Doing flashcards I wanted to show the LingQ for a word because I had found a typo I wanted to correct. The word was a status 4 word so the filter didn’t allow it to show up automatically (only status 1,2,3 words). So in order to get to the´LingQ I had to add status 4 words and use the search function for the word, which worked okay, and click on the LingQ again before I was able to make the change.
I’d appreciate keeping the vocabilary page settings as they were (including status 4 words). That would allow users to make such changes without any detours and get back to flashcards immediately. Personally I don’t see the point of showing only status 1,2,3 words. I don’t want to have to click again and again to have them included in the list. Is there a way for users to set the filter to include all words and phrases? What do others think?

Hello Reinhard,
this problem is known and is on the “TO DO LIST”. At the moment you have to klick on the status 4 words and only then you can search for.
The same happens when you want to have words with - here you have to click on status 4 too for getting all.

As Irene says, we will be including status 4 words by default again shortly. This should happen this week sometime.