Vocabulary Filter by Lesson or by Course

For both these filters, in the iOS app, the order of the lessons/courses in the drop down lists seems to follow the logic of placing the most recently accessed lessons/courses at the top. This makes sense and is useful.

However, on the website the order of the drop down lists looks to be essentially completely random. Could a simple fix be made such that the the website orders the drop down lists the same way as the iOS app?


Have you noticed the “Search” field above the lesson list? If you are looking for specific lesson, just start typing a lesson name and it will show on the top of list where you can easily select it. I’ll check if we can improve this lesson order on our end.

Hi Zoran, I had not noticed the search field. That does help a lot. If you are able to improve the default lesson order to work like it does in the iOS app, then even better. Thanks

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