Vocabulary and grammar practice

One thing I have started doing in order to work on vocabulary and grammar is the following.

I open up writing in one tab, and Vocabulary in another.
I sort my saved words by importance.
I go down the list of words, look at the phrases, and pick some words to use for sentence writing practice.
One at a time I compose a sentence with one of more of these words.
It is an advantage to have to click back and forth between tabs. If it were on the same page it would be too easy.
I do about five or six and submit to one of my Russian tutors.

A couple of comments about this.

  1. I cannot possible go through all of my saved words. I will only do a small percentage. However, this is just a good exercize in forcing my brain to pay more attention to the language. It will make more attentive to the language.

  2. I have a long list of drafts in my writing section that I want to get rid of, so I am opening them up and reusing them, and cleaning them off my list.

I hope this is useful and look forward to comments.

I think this is a great way to learn words and things that you don’t see all the time but would still be important to know. I do this quite regularly but because I have pages and pages of words I have to learn for German tests :). It really helps me to remember grammar points as well.

I suppose it can be useful to write original words that you are practising. So, if the structure of the sentence is a little bit weird, a tutor will not remove these words, but will try to rephrase a sentence.

иметь возможность: он думает что все еще вполне имеет возможность.

So, a tutor will not change “вполне имеет возможность” to “вполне возможно”, but will try to rephrase a sentence, using “имеет возможность”.