Vocab/SRS not updating

My vocab lists are frozen at where they were sometime last week. When I review, the status of any given word moves from New towards Known and i can see the progress on the last screen. But when I return to the home screen, all progress reverts back to where it was last week.

Even if I manually change a word’s status (i.e. from 3 to 4, or from 4 to :heavy_check_mark: ) it just reverts back to whatever it was last week as soon as I leave that screen.

What can I do??


Are you using a website or app version? Can you try to logout/login back and let me know if that helps?

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I’m using the app. I logged out and back in and it does seem to be working now! Thanks.

Hello. I have the same issue with my Android app for aprox. last 3 days. I tried to logout/login but this does not fix the problem for me - words progress level does not get remembered. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app (ver 5.5.22) does not help either.
Thankfully there is no such issue with iOS version or website.


Yes, actually, I’m trying it again today and the logout/login fix does not work anymore. The progress i logged yesterday has disappeared too.

I’m using the app (ver 5.5.22), I’ve tested in both Dutch and French. Sometimes the progress actually shows up for about 5 seconds before reverting back to where it was.

I can add new words, I can delete words, and I can manually change their status on the vocab home page. None of the automatic status changes work though. And if i click through to the info page on any given word and try to manually change the status there, that’s not saved either.

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Our team is looking into the issue, we will have it fixed.


Is this related to what I just referred to as your #1 feature being broken?

Could be, we will check that.

Any progress on this? It would be really nice to be able to use the feature as intended.

This is now fixed. Thanks for your patience everyone!

I appreciate the follow-up. But the problem is still persisting on my end. I’ve logged out and back in. Do i need to re install the app?

The same is hapening here. Vocab/SRS words keep stuck in level 1. Can’t evolve neither practicing or manually changing. It is happening in the Android App. The Website is working fine. I kindly ask LingQ team to fix it.

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Yes, please update the app to the latest version. @changtevelde @felipegonzaga