Vocabeln export


Does anyone else have a problem with the export of vocabulary? For me and exports is not working. no reaction.

Could you provide a little more detail please. What did you try to do and what happened exactly?

Hi Steve.
I learn only English so I can not describe exactly.
But when I go: The Vocabulary Page (Learn> Vocabulary) and select words (LingQs) which I want to export and then click on the “More Actions …”> Export. Nothing happens.

I use Firefox 38.0.5, widows 7

Thank you Magdalena. Our technical people will look at this next week. Your English is excellent but you can also comment in German if you prefer.

Since I have only dabbled in Polish so far, that language may not be an option, na nieszczęście.

Thanks for your patience.

Mein Englisch ist nicht so gut:)) Text oben ich habe mit den Hilfe google translator geschrieben.) Leider ich kann nicht genau Deine letzte Satz verstehen :frowning: szkoda:))
Ale wydaje mi sie ze Ty znasz juz polski. pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Wenn Du es willst, kannst Du das Problem auch auf Deutsch beschreiben. Ich weiß nicht, ob jemand hier Polish lesen kann.

Ja ich weiß:). Ich glaube dass oben habe ich schon englisch beschrieben. Glaube dass ist ok. Muss nur warten auf Arbeitswoche :))

Yes, you’re description above is very clear. I am not having the same problem. I can export vocabulary without any problem. I am using Firefox 40.0 with the newest Mac OS.

Have you tried using a different browser?

Ja ich habe Gestern mit Internet Explorer probiert, und es ist gleich. Heute habe ich Java noch mal installiert (ich habe gedacht dass Java Problem gemacht hat) aber nein:( Export ist immer unmöglich (habe ich auch andere Computer mit xp , dort auch das Problem ist)

I never knew about this possibility but realized it would be mighty useful.

However, I have the same problem. I can print them but not export them. Simply no reaction.

Google Chrome 44.0.2403.155 (64-bit), OSX 10.9.5

Could it be because I downgraded to free membership?

hi ! good that I am not the only one :)))
I also have a free account … hmmmm

I’m still trying to sort out just what functionality I lost when downgrading.
Looking at the account settings only tells me:

  • Unlimited LingQs (as opposed to 20)
  • Unlimited Imported Lessons (as opposed to 5)
  • 1000s of hours of Lessons (as opposed to what?)
    That’s less than helpful.

Hi Omani,

The ability to export your words and lingq’s is a feature only available with a Premium account.

Ahhhhhh:)))) Why Nobody previously did not wrote ?
Where is listed exactly what is available only to premium account?

I found the best place to see that info is if you’re not logged into your account, you can see what is included with each subscription here: What does LingQ cost? See our pricing information here

Hope this helps!

I study polish and I have a premium account. When I export the links I get useless csv file that looks as “a oczy mu siÄ™ zwÄ™ziÅ‚y” . So exporting does not appear to work for Polish. The only way I can extract the links is by copying and pasting using html format. Any solution?