Vocab Review (Android App, Limited Lingqs)


  1. When I do the vocabulary review on the computer, I have several forms of tests - type what you hear, flash cards, cloze / multiple choice. However, on the Android app I only get flash cards. Is there a setting I need to change on my phone to have the other types of exercises or is the phone just limited to flash cards?

  2. On the mobile-app flash cards, there is a little speaker button which I presume should play the audio for the word I’m looking at, however pressing it does nothing. Again is there a setting I need to change or does this just sound like a problem with my phone?

  3. I was about to ask a question if the daily Lingqs were limited to 25 words but I found where that is in the personal settings (Settings - Notifications).
    Related to this, however, I found that all the question-mark bubbles on that page (ie, next to Daily LingQs, Weekly Report Email, Exchange Requests, etc) do not work.

1 & 2) For now only flashcards are available on the Android app.
TTS however works properly for me. Can you please check if you have Google TTS installed on your device? If not, please install it from Google Play, or if you have it already, make sure that it is selected as default and it should work fine.

Also, we are currently working on new Android app version which will be huge improvement in both performance and desing. We hope to release it at the end of June. If you are intersted I can add you as beta tester and you can try tne new app right away. It’s not yet complete and some features are still missing but we will be adding new stuff every week until it’s ready to be officially launched on Google Play.

  1. You are right, I was able to reproduce this. Will be fixed, thanks for letting us know.


I found in my phone settings that both Samsung TTS and Google TTS were there, with Samsung being the default. I switched that to Google, went to the LingQ app and it worked right away. Thanks.

Sure I would be a beta tester.

Great, I am glad to hear it worked.
Please contact us on support(at)lingq.com and let us know which email address are you using for Google Play on your device, so that I can add you as beta tester.