Visible LingQ Status

Excellent idea, Niksa, and great follow-up, rjtrudel.
We have avoided multiple colors, as we found it a bit complicated to explain in the context of our system (“yellow words” would become obsolete), but this idea of changing the contrast/opacity is a good one indeed, and we’re looking into this as a potential alternative to the numbers.

I agree about the iLingq. I no longer have any desire to sit at the computer for LingQ, except for importing and LingQing.

Dear LingQ staff, it seems the status numbers are no longer included in compound words, but they still appear in the context phrase.
Moreover, I’m finding it more difficult to lingq compound words since the status numbers started to be displayed and I can only lingq them with Firefox, because Chrome gets stuck when I try to do so (I have the latest versions of both and I have refreshed them and cleaned the cache).

Nikolay’s idea seems very good to me as well.

@mikebond - Don’t worry, we have an adjustment to this right around the corner that should solve all of these problems! :slight_smile: (Hint: Niksa’s suggestion served as the source of inspiration)

It works, good job, this is even better than the numbers and the rest of the problems are automatically solved, right?

Oh yes it works. Thanks to the lingQ staff and Nikolay for the idea.

Alex, now the numbers aren’t showed in the phrase any more - thanks for this! However, if there’s a numbered lingq before the one I want to create, that lingq and the previous words still don’t show up in the phrase. I hope this will be fixed soon!

Be sure to refresh the page to make sure your browser is using the most recent code. The phrase section of the LingQ should be working properly.

We’re also looking at making some changes to the way phrases are displayed, as we would like users to distinguish between phrases and individual LingQs both on the site and on iLingQ. However, these phrase-related changes will take a bit longer as we decide what exactly we want to do with this.

The new adjustments are now up. Please see the announcement here:

Wow! What a fast reaction! I’m glad you liked my humble suggestion :slight_smile:

Love it!

a very good improvement!

I can’t easily see the difference in colour between 3 and 4, but am quite content that people are content about the latest development… :slight_smile:

Hated those numbers - this is great! Well done for a good and extremely fast update!

I’m with SanneT … I barely see the difference between the 2 yellow hues/shades…

Here’s my suggestion Make the darker yellow more towards orange and slightly deeper… Personally i would like this better… But thats just me!

Quick Mockup:

Thanks a lot for this nice idea :smiley:
Expressing the status in the visual form of fainting the yellow LingQ color is awesome and very intuitive.
It’s very intuitive that I understood the idea behind it without reading the update notice.
Thanks for your prompt reaction :smiley:

I haven’t had the chance since my initial post to test out making compound words until now. I just wanted to say its working much better now and the formatting looks much better as well, kudos!