Viewing a complete article

Is there anyway of having a quick look at the whole article in LingQ without all the blue highlighted words going?

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Try the classic view.


How do I do that? Under settings I can see page size which has options of small, medium, large and automatic I select large.

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I was wondering this question also, I hope someone answer us

From what I recall reading, access to the Classic View is restricted only to people who made an account before the New View came out. And I think one of the reasons cited for this restriction was something along the lines of “[new] people won’t miss what they don’t see”.

So if you’re relatively new to LingQ, you’re outta luck with accessing the Classic View (unless you ask Support or something).

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I have a good news for you. Click the Menu button (top left corner of the text, right below the Play button). There you can find a Print button, it will display the print preview of the whole text.