View list of known words

Hello, I am a new user. Is there a way to view my list of known words? Or does this functionality become available if I move from the Free to Basic membership?

You can see your learned words in the Vocab section by choosing to see Status 4 words only. There is no list of your known words, i.e. words that you never saved.

Thanks Steve. Too bad, I would like that functionality, though certainly a separate bucket for those terms(words never saved) makes sense.

I already upgraded for 6 months regardless. Site is great.

That list would soon be thousands if not tens of thousands of words long. (0ver 60,000 for me in Russian at this point)

I do not see us adding that function soon. We do plan to add a cloze test function at some point to allow learners to test themselves on their known words. But that is well down the list of things we need to do.

Thanks for joining up and hope you enjoy it.

Steve, I would lobby for allowing access to our “known” words sooner. That’s why.

At a certain stage I will release a special movie player. Aside other things, one can instantly select any caption of the movie (the text and the sound) as “lingQs” and conveniently review these later.

To make the things more interesting, I’d like to let the LingQ members import those captions directly into LingQ. (Currently - the caption as a phrase,with father ideas, including the sound, waiting). It can be done with the existing API nearly now. However, approval of LingQ, and certain things in the API, will be of course required.

The list of the “known” words will enable even more interesting exchange between the player and LingQ. Such the list surely exists - how else could LingQ know which words to not color in the blue? Transferring thousands and even tens of thousand of words is nothing for the Internet.

I am very happy to read in your last conversation report that we are going to meet up in Toronto. Finally :wink:

Every time I import a text of 5,000 words from Echo Moskvi I see mostly white words. There are less than 10% new words including names and numbers and mistakes. So I review some of my known words every time I read at LingQ, or elsewhere for that matter.

I do not see the usefulness of this list.

I agree a big list of a user’s known words is useless for the user. It will be made use of inside the systems. As now this list is used by LingQ to know what to not color in blue. Do you remember my suggestions about the option to hint the unknowns (real unknowns, not the numbers and the names and the trivial inflections) automatically?

I’m glad I read this page. I thought I was doing something wrong as I couldn’t find a list of my known words. It makes sense though because as they start numbering even in just the 100s, it’s going to be a pain in the neck keeping track of them.

Better to just see them as non-highlighted words in lessons. That surely must help with understanding how sentences are stringed together.