Video window should be more flexible

When you import a video with subtitles from youtube, you can access the video directly from your lesson. At the moment there are two sizes of the video: A bigger one and a smaller one. Unfortunately only the smaller one seems to be movable on the screen. It would be very helpful if the videos were more flexible so that you could adapt the size individually (depending on your screen size) and move them to any free space on your screen. Could this be made possible in the future?


We’ll see what we can do about it and if there is any room for improvement there. Appreciate your feedback!

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I also think it would be great to be able to select individual words from the video mode and make LingQ’s with it, as on my iPhone it only allows me to hold down on a sentence bringing me out to the lesson page but when I go back to the video screen the video starts from the beginning, not where i left off from. So essentially I can not select and translate words without watching the whole video first if I don’t want to keep going in and out without restarting the video again.

It would be nice if the video paused whilst making a lingQ and resumed back again once the popup box is closed.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will take this in consideration in future updates.

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