Video tutorial screen stuck in Spanish 101

I have just spent a few hours introducing LingQ to ‘Timbers’ a lovely husband and wife learning team. They want to learn Spanish.

The link to the video screen of the first lesson froze completely and made it quite difficult to get out of it. As the same happened to me yesterday, I had warned them that it might happen to them, too and so it wasn’t too much of a nuisance. The problem centers around the Quick Time Player, I believe.

We didn’t get to play the video, although we managed to see the lesson screen in the end. I used FF, they are on IE.

Could you put a warning note on the lesson video banner that the latest Quick Time Player update needs to be in place?

Noted thanks.

I guess you do require QuickTime to see the video. I seem to be prompted to update to the newest Quicktime version when I open the video page although the video played fine before as well. I guess if someone does not have Quicktime on their computer, they would not be able to view the video. We will look into this. Are there others of you out there who can’t see the lesson video on the help page?

I would check it. Please, could you add the link to the video to this thread.

@ Vera: I can’t recreate it. On both occasions the account was new; it was the screen that a newcomer to LingQ (Level: no knowledge) sees after clicking Lessons.

It has something to do with QuickTime because it happened to me the day before when I set up my test account. I had to install it before I could view the video. Yesterday at the new members’ place it caused the computer to freeze completely. It took ages to get it restarted. They were using IE (don’t know which version), I’m on the latest FF.

Danke für deine Hilfe.