Video continually goes back to the start

The video mode is getting worse. Not only are bugs I reported months ago not fixed, but a more serious one has appeared. Tonight I watched a YouTube video, On l’appelle catastrophe, I regularly went to line mode to check a word. When I returned to video mode, it reset to the beginning, forcing me to hunt for my current location. In a 90 minute video, that’s infuriating. I don’t expect to swear out loud every minute or so. Using the iOS app on an iPad 12.9” with the latest iOS 17.5.1.

Seriously your management of code releases is shocking, how can you release code which has such fundamental useability issues? Obviously you have no credible regression testing, and no management of releases.

My payment recently went through for another year, but I am asking myself if LingQ is worth using. My one hour this evening was unpleasant.

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I asked our team to look into this. Thanks for reporting.

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