Very, very short lesson - can I still add it?

Hi, I have a very short lesson in Russian I made before I found LingQ. It is only about four lines long with 5 words in each line. It isn’t anything like a story or conversation but just like “The man is not big, he is small”. I do have an audio file I had recorded so can I still post it in the Russian library?

As long as you think the lesson will be of some use to others and it’s not under any copyright. Even Greetings and Goodbyes contains some shorter lessons, as you may have noticed. The most important things are that the lesson is recorded by a native speaker and the text and audio match :slight_smile:

Okay! I’ll upload it later as there is a small grammar problem. Russians don’t use the word низкий when describing people.

Russians don’t use the word низкий when describing people.
hmmm… We do use ‘низкий’ (low). We don’t use ‘короткий’ (short)

Мой папа высокий, а мама низкая.
Моя мама небольшого роста.
У меня мама небольшого роста.
Мы с сестрой довольно высокие.
Моя бабушка была даже ниже моей мамы. Она была совсем маленького роста.

Odd… The person on rhinospike said they don’t. In which case, thanks! I’ll upload it straight away!