Version 5.0 for android still missing

So today I opened my browser, and found -to my surprise - that 5.0 had been launched, and I want to say I do LOVE the new version and especially appreciate the landing page and the dark mode! Finally, I can use the browser version. Plus, it’s working much better now!

Unfortunately, there is still no 5.0 for android, even though it got launched a while back. Should I reinstall the app? Or how can I access it?


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Same for me. Maybe the roll out or check from google takes more time in Germany? :confused:
I think every app and update has to be checked before its released in the store.

Hi, I am completely new here. I used it only for 3 days and now accidentally the app has changed to version 5.0 .
Is it possible to go back to previous version?
I have feeling that instead of learning a language I am fighting with the application again :slight_smile:
I cannot find clear structure definition for vocabulary import. Before there was some structure description help directly on the main page.

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I don’t know what it is like on Android but I get something like this on iOS because all my iOS devices are too old to get the newest iOS so I can only install earlier versions of the LingQ app.

It is not possible to go back to the earlier versions.

I updated mine today to 5.0. Went on the playstore today and it was there. Yesterday there was no option to update.

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Android v5 should be available to everyone now, check the Google Play and update.


One Issue I am having with the android app is playlists, can not add to playlists. and Playlists of anything (Custom or course) are limited to 20 tracks, add more and they just dont show

Do you have the latest app version? I just tested on my end and adding to a Playlist works fine, and there is no 20 tracks limit, I added more than 20 tracks without any problem.

Problem solved on my end: Try to search for lingq in the play store. For some reason auto-update didn’t work for v5, but it is there and says update in the store itself.