Version 4.8.13 crashes on start-up

Lingq updated today and the app crashes on startup on my iPad. I’ve closed all other apps and restarted the pad and after about 5 seconds with the splash screen showing, Lingq vanishes. I am on the most current iOS.

I looked in settings, found Lingq and saw “local network”. It is turned off… not sure what that means. Anyways after leaving settings I tried the app again and it launched instantly. No clue what happened.

Great, glad to hear it works properly after all! :slight_smile:

Same thing is happening to me right now. In both my iPad and my iPhone.

I have the same problem. On the most current iOS, the app crashes at the startup. What can I do about this?

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Please try to reinstall the app and let me know if that helps.

Hey Zoran,

Yes! It worked. Thank you for your help!