Vacaction to Spain

I have some holiday to use before the beginning of April ( otherwise I loose it ) and I thought it would be a good idea for me to book a solo trip to Spain for some immersion. I would like to be in Spain for 8-9 days but I am unsure of where to go.

and by the time I go to Spain I am thinking near the end of March I would like to have between 13k and 15k known words.

anyone else have any good stories of their country that speaks their target language?

I am hoping this trip will turn a lot of my passive vocabulary into active.


I would highly recommend a trip to Seville, I love that city.

See my post about Ecuador:

I’ll be going back to Ecuador in March 2018.

In regards to Spain, since your primary interest is language acquisition, check a map: Did you know they speak more than just Spanish in Spain?

My parents spent two months travelling between Madrid, the Costa del Sol, and Barcelona. They loved Malaga and Seville.

hey thanks for the map

I have been to Spain several times and it’s the only foreign country I’ve ever been to. Speaking of which, according to an article I read today in El Pais, I’d like to get Down Under before they close that giant rock off. But maybe that’s just for people looking to climb it.

Okay, for Spain, if you’re going there for that amount of time, and your looking to activate, go to Madrid or Seville. Steer clear of Barcelona because so much is in Catalan and they want to just prove to themselves and the rest of the world how non-Spanish they are.

Madrid and Seville are both sizeable cities, have tons to do, and being on your own you’ll have plenty of little tapas bars, vinotecas, and cervecarias to chill in, eavesdrop, and meet people. If you were me, Seville is better (haven’t been in a while, etc.) However, if I were YOU, I’d lean toward Madrid, especially if you’ve never been to Spain. It’s also literallly centrally located so you’re in striking distance to several other nearby places you could travel (eg Toledo, Valle de los Caidos, etc)

One thing I would add: the end of March is a great time to be in Spain. You will also see Semana Santa (holy week activities) from Palm Sunday to easter Sunday. There will be stuff in both cities, but you might get more of that action in Seville. Maybe Francisco or other Spaniard has some pointers about that.

thanks for the advise I feel like I am more than likely going to choose Madrid I have a friend there too so that should be fun.

I agree with most of what LILingquist has said. Of course, Madrid and Seville are good destinations and, if you have a friend in Madrid, it’s sure a good idea to go there. However, just for the record (partly out of local pride and partly to provide some information), let me point out that the city where I live (Granada), although smaller, also is quite lively, have plenty to do, is beautiful, has a very active night life and The tapas are free! You get one with every drink you order :slight_smile:

On a separate note, Jack, have you thought about what you’re going to do to activate the language? I gather from your post that that’s your main goal on this trip. Am I right? If so, consider that just being in the country is absolutely no guarantee for that.
Chances are you’ll be surrounded by tourists and you’ll get very little chance to actively use it.
Classes may be helpful but again they provide also very limited chance to speak the language: you mostly meet foreigners. I remember that I started learning Italian! in a trip I made to Austria for German lessons :slight_smile: because I mostly interacted with Italian people.
My advice would be for you to enrol in some kind of activity that you like and is not language related. You’ll interact mostly with natives in one of those. I myself often go rollerblading with a club here, go figure skating or attend salsa lessons. Most people are Spanish but there are usually some foreigners (there are lots of foreign visitors in Granada). All the action happens in Spanish so the foreigners really have to catch up!
Other than that, Steve has some videos on how he activates his languages when abroad.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun

yes you are right as much as I want to explore Spain I am also there to try and active a lot of my passive vocabulary, and the way in which I plan to do this is to try and talk as much as I can more or less 90% in English and just to enjoy the experience if you have any better ways to activate listening comprehension I would love to know.

Granada would be choice #3 for me. I like the Alhambra, the Albacin, Catheral (Ferdinand and Isabella are entombed there), the nightlife, and that it seems to be a young city. With the except of years ago when I wandered off in Seville during high school, my last trip to Granada (2009) invovled two bilingual friends and when I went off solo for a day, it was the first time I felt like I was surviving on my own and having that “daily routine” in Spanish.