V5 Reader - how to highlight a sentence?

When I select a sentence, nothing happens.
I checked tutorials, but information there is outdated.

It’s working now for an unknown reason.
I think this all-new web interface needs more views. Try it: https://beta.lingq.com/
It still refuses to pick up a selection from time to time, so the selection is caught by google dictionary instead.

Hi SergeyFM. You should post to the beta 5.0 forum web version thread as that’s where they are looking for all feedback.

I sort of feel like I remember seeing something about this and that they may have temporarily turned off highlighting of a phrase. I know some people were complaining that they couldn’t copy anymore. I haven’t used the beta website much yet, by mine results in the same as yours regarding my google translate extension grabbing the selection, which for myself is fine for my purposes, but may or may not be for yours or others.

Anyway…check on the beta thread maybe as someone may have posted something regarding this.

Thanks for the comment, I didn’t know there is the beta 5.0 forum.
I’ve started using the Beta GUI today, my first impression is positive - at least it works faster. Though some design decisions will take me time to get used to.

@Admin, please move this thread to the appropriate forum.

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No problem! I’m in agreement. Mostly positive. The apps are really coming around too. Definitely some improvements over the old imo and the LingQ team has made many improvements on it over the course of the beta.

Still some quirky things and importing/editing lessons is quite a change. I know one part of it doesn’t work well with a particular source I use, but I still need to go back and check as I think they’ve made a number of improvements with this as well that may allow me to do what I was doing before.