Using websites to learn a new language

I participate in yahoo answers a lot because I like to help people solve computer issues. When wondering how I was going to learn to converse in German because no one around me speaks it I had a thought. Why not go to and participate in yahoo answers in German? I would have to explain that my German isn’t very good, but I would still be able to help people while learning their language! Does any one else do any thing like this? I just started learning German today so I don’t know enough to converse yet, but I thought it was a good idea.

Hi wwiding,

welcome in LingQ, you will see we have fun here with learning.

At first - it would suggest to bring your bio in the profil.
It is always nicer to see with whom I am writing or to see the real name.

As next - I domn’t use yahoo but I ask, why do you want to go to yahoo when we have Skype.
I see it, when I am speaking with my tutors how uyeful it is to be able with speaking + writing in the box.

Here in the forum you could look for another student who is interested and, the better way is, to look in addition for a tutor in the learning language. Then you get corrections.

Have fun here! And if you want to have help, write in the forum in your native language. The best way to understand quickly how to work with LingQ.


I tried that. It’s a really hard job to talk with natives in a forum for natives. Personally I wouldn’t try it until you are intermediate 2.

Taking part in the German LingQ forum, on the other hand, is a gentle, supportive experience. Versuche es, es macht Spaß!

I have thought that before, and actually signed up a account on wikiAnswers few months ago. However I have only answered one questions. I think it is a nice way to use your target language.

Yes I like the idea of using websites too, once I have a better understanding of the German language! I just discovered that my favorite tv show has a language option for German in the menu. I can now watch The Simpsons in German!

I have a DVD of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula which I have nearly worn out. It has English, French, German soundtracks, plus Russian subtitles.

Children of the night…what sweet music they make!