Using "update" and "i'm done"

I’m not sure I understand the usage of these two workdesk buttons. I can see that when I use “update”, I’m updating my known words count, but I still can increase the read and listen counters. When I use “I’m done” the item goes to a ‘limbo’ where it still appears as active, but does require a little more work in order to access it.
How they are really intended to be used?
What are your experiences with them?

I don’t know how they suppose to be used. But this is how I use these button. Since I am a free member, I have only five items to work on. So actually I never use “I’m all done.” When I finish reading the item first time, I push “update,” then I update listening and reading counters as I study. When I am done, I just delete the item.

When you delete this item you have this item never for review and repetition.
I advise to go to “View Assignment” and give this item in the Archive.
Then you can take it again whenever you want to work with.
Items in Archive are not counted.

How about changing the “I’m done” button into two buttons - “delete” and “archive”? That would make more sense. As ana-paula says, the item is still somewhat active after “I’m done” (something I realised when the major upgrade took place, and I had to delete/archive 50+ items one by one).

The I’m All Done button changes the Item Status to completed and removes it from the default view in the WorkDesk item list. Now that we have added an Archive function and status, we are intending to get rid of the I’m all done button and the completed status. These are remnants of our original implementation. We intend to rework the whole WorkDesk and Item handling process in the new year.


Thank you, Irene :slight_smile: I didn’t know the system would not count items in the Archive section.