Using the My LingQs list on the Lesson page

I have just discovered the convenience of clicking on the words in the My LingQs list on the Lesson page. The access to the LingQ is much faster than from the Flash Card. This way I can click my way through this list, edit my phrase, pick another example if I want, change my status, add a Tag, and really keep my Flash Cards up to date.

Is anyone else doing this?

Do you mean click on the little pencil? I am now :wink:

No click on each word. If you click on the pencil you get the list in the Voab view. That is what I used to do. I find clicking on each word more convenient.

Curiously enough I only discovered it this afternoon and I agree, it is faster.

I do this when I have loads of words in a lesson that I am not familiar with at all. A quick review before I start listening really helps me out. I don’t normally do that but when I need to I do.

I’ve been using this function for months, it’s really handy.

What I normally do is to click on the yellow word if I want to change the status, edit the example, and so on. (I click on the yellow word and then “Edit Lingq”)

I find it very useful when I come across with a word that I didn’t know the first time, but I decide to change its status to “known word” because I’ve already learnt the meaning. So instead of using flashcards, I change the status of the words when I see them in context, if it’s necessary.

By the way, I don’t use tags. what are the tags for?

Tags can be used if you want to separate certain cards from others. For example in a Romance language, you might want to tag verb cards according to their tense or mood. Using tags you might then make a group of subjunctive cards, imperfect cards and so on. That way you can see all the vocabulary items you have that have been saved in a specific tense or mood and see the similarities and patterns that they share. You can also tag according to word-ending for inflecting languages like German or Russian. Others might want to tag words according to theme, ie. household items, colours, emotions etc.

Thanks Chris!

Wow, I now just figured out tags! Thanks Chris! I think I might try that out tonight.

I have not even had a clue that words in this list is clickable! :)) Thank you, Steve :slight_smile:

I just noticed myself. Your welcome.