Using the LingQ website on your iPhone/iPod Touch

I was using LingQ today on my mom’s Ipod Touch and my brother’s iPhone, as I wanted to see to what extent you could use LingQ on said devices.

I found that you can in fact use all of LingQ’s functionalities on these devices, that is, you can read the texts, you see your highlighting, you can save words and edit LingQs, etc.

The one thing you cannot do is use the Flash Player on the text interface to read and listen at the same time. However, you can ‘download’ the audio file and play it on the device with Apple’s player.

*A way to get around not being able to read and listen at the same time is to use the ‘screenshot’ function to take a picture of the text and read it while you’re listening to the downloaded audio. Unfortunately, this prevents you from saving and looking up the meaning of words mid-text, but you can still see the highlighting it’s better than not being able to read and listen simultaneously at all.

All in all, LingQ was quite easy to use on both of these devices and now I’m just waiting for when I can get one so I can get my LingQ fix wherever I go…

We ought to club together to buy you one - you are such an inspiration/practical help to us!

Hi David, Apple has some nice product, that’s obvious, but they also do some things that I are not so nice. They try to become a monopolist in some parts of the economy. I read a critical article (in German) about Apple: Software, Download, Computer, Handys und Multimedia -

The most interesting thing in my opinion is the DRM problem and that you have to use special formats and iTunes.

I for myself have an mp3-Player which works with Drag&Drop from the Explorer. Very easy! No iTunes or special programs are neccessary. It has 20 GB which is fine for me. But now it is very difficult to find players with 20 GB or more which are not an iPod. Apple is in fact nearly a monopolist in this sector. Monopolist are not good for the economy.