Using the content example converting Chinese characters to Pin Yin, Japanese to Romaji, Furigana, etc

All content items have a “content forum” accessible from the right side of the page. This is a great place to ask questions,and also to leave things that can help others.

One problem for beginners of Chinese is that they cannot read the characters and need the phonetic Pin Yin written version of these texts. There is a Pin Yin conversion website called yin-Converter-Online.asp (remember to remove the blanks)

I have converted the first lessons of ChineseLingQ beginner Eating Out into Pin Yin and put the result in the content forum.

I found an excellent tool to convert Japanese into Romaji and furigana called

These can be used for your own use, but if members add the results into the content forum it can also help others.

Maybe there are even better tools out there.

Once we find the best tools we may be able to add them to the lesson page, eventually.

I also found this web site very helpful: It gives the pinyin version as well as the translation and it shows the characters that correspond to a word. In that way I know which characters I have to lingq for a word.