Using the App on a Plane

So I was using the app on the plane last night and had some issues. I know I need to have opened a particular lesson in order to see it when off line. On the plane I was reading a lesson, then I went back to choose another lesson, and the whole thing crashed. It sent me to the login page (in the app) but it kept looking for the server. On my second flight I tried again, this time I put my iPhone in airplane mode, and the app asked for a login and required an Internet connection. Could someone explain what I need to do differently here? Thanks. Christian.

@CTaylor- That sounds very strange. I am able to use the app find while offline and can log out and log back in without a problem. Do you have the latest version of the app installed? Can you try to recreate this issue again and then detail the steps you took? I have tried to do what you described above but everything seems to be working fine.

I use the offline mode quite frequently without problem. It’s a bit of a mystery how and when changes in word status get synced, but it seems to work for me OK.

I´m new here. And did the test on the plane mode. And confirmed that the lessons that you´re already listen, maintain on the buffer system of your iphone. In many countries doesn´t have problems, but in Brazil, the 3G internet is very fail. And because of this, i discovered that is a new option when the internet is fail.