Using Skype to create dialogues for our library

There are a number of members who create great lessons using Skype. Serge in Bordeaux and Margo in Montreal, Berta in Madrid and Albert in Barcelona, and I think Vera did so with Jolanda as well. There are perhaps others that I have forgotten.

Jarda and Zdenek are creating great Czech content using skype, however, Jarda’s voice is much louder than Zdenek’s. Does anyone have any advice to give them on how to equalize their sound.

Thanks in advance.

Steve, you forgot me and Sabina… :frowning:

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Michele and Sabina have been creating some great dialogue lessons recently in the Italian library, both of their voices are quite clear, perhaps they have some suggestions as well.

heh, simultaneous posts with the same idea, how often does that happen?

Terribly sorry, it is just not possible to remember everyone. I will look forward to listening to them when I can extricate myself from Czech and Russian and Korean and …

Thanks for creating this thread in order to improve the quality of our future recordings :slight_smile:

I’ve already fixed that problem. I’ll be using software amplifier for my mic. We’ve tried to record a little conversation with Jarda today and it sounds a way better then before.

Another episode of our discussions will be released on Monday or Tuesday.

How do you save the audio of both speakers? I am unable to do this (Mac). And Skype does not allow to save the audio of a conversation. Do you use some special software?

I use Pamela (, which is shareware. CallGraph is a free software with fewer functions.

For mac

try to google “skype recorder +mac” without quotes


I use power gramo. I’m not sure if it works for Mac. You can save it in variety of audio formats.

Earlier I used powergramo but sometimes I had problems with the audio especially in longer recordings that I did with Jolanda. It recoreded in general with a good quality but it was very annoying when I checked the audio and it was not ok. Now I use MP3 skype recorder. It records MP3.

I would recommend all providers of lessons open their MP3 file in a sound editor to make some steps which may improve the audio quality.
Normalize the audio to make it take all available range which can make the whole recording louder
Use gate to cut off quietest unnecessary sounds.
Use compression or loudness maximizer to make it sound a bit more professional
Add some echo to make it sound more natural and pleasant

I use gate/compressor in one Direct-X plug-in, there were some presets. Just try to play with some plug-ins to hear how it works.

Some applications make stereo recordings of Skype conversations. It’s possible to apply the steps listed above for each stereo track separately to make the balance equal for both participants of the call. Than I’d prefer to combine both voices into one track, means to make a mono file or put both voices into the center of the stereo panorama (or at least to move both boices towords the center).

Warning: make sure it sounds better, some presets may worsen. Don’t forget to backup before these operations.

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