Using Netflix


When I’m using the netflix for study Japanese, i get lost if i must watch or read first. What should I actually do when i’m using Netflix?


I recommend watching first. Visuals help you understand the story. Afterwards, read. :slight_smile:

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The most important thing is that you do what you want to do so this way you enjoy doing it and can keep putting in the lots and lots of time that is required to learn a language.

A lot of this is going to depend on how well you know the language and the material you are going over. People who are closer to the beginning stages tend to go over the same “lesson” (material) over and over again. So it doesn’t really matter whether you listen first, then read, then listen again, then read again; or whether you read first, listen, then read again, then listen again. You have to do both anyway.

I personally have about 500 hours of Spanish Netflix under my belt. I did this because I was not only curious about the content of these shows, but more importantly because I wanted to simulate more interesting extended dialogue, and even more importantly catch my listening skills up to my reading skills. I would watch the episode in Spanish, hearing the dialogue, and at the same, read the Spanish subtitles that appeared on screen. LIngQ did not have the ability to import the subtitles then, but fortunately I was good enough by then to understand the majority of what I was reading on screen and could write down and look up words or phrases I didn’t understand later.

If you aren’t as advanced in a language, and you don’t understand the bulk of what you will be watching or listening to, I think it becomes more important to read first. You can’t listen to what you don’t understand, but you can read what you don’t understand because you have LingQ.

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Thank you very much for your comment! Your explanation helped me a lot to understand the principle of learning a language!

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It’s true, it makes a lot of sense because when I just read something from a video without having the visual part, I end up not understanding. Thank you for comment! xDDDD