Using LingQ on several computers simultaneously

I have 2 laptops, one which is anchored at home, one I travel with. Often times I am in the middle of a flashcard session on my home laptop and leave it as is for a while or maybe a few days (i.e. I do not log out), and then I log in on my other laptop on the go. If I begin a new session on the other machine, is LingQ “updated” from my last session on the machine at home? How is this handled?

LingQ is online. It is not on your computer. If you update whatever you are doing then the online LingQ status will reflect that.

However, your LingQs status is only changed if you get the flashcards correct two times in a row. Therefore, if you are in the middle of a flashcard session and haven’t gotten any correct twice in a row, there will be no change in status when you start up that same flashcard session on a new computer. It is best to assume that the status will only change if you finish the original flashcard session you started.