Using coupon

I bought a coupon for 6mos. duration study, when I apply it for referral coupon it wasn’t recognize, and now I don’t , know how will I use it since I am already signed up for free, and using the same e-mail using coupon which doesn’t exist in your system would be another problem. I bought that coupon at Groupon Philippines/Beeconomic, I have also proof of that coupon, I can send you a copy of that voucher if you want just tell me the e-mail on where to send to.

Thanks and hope for your immediate response.

@liselle - Just send an email to support (at) and we’ll be sure to help you out with this.

I have the same problem. I signed for free and then yesterday bought a coupon for 12 month but the system say Coupon not valid? I can also send to you a copy of vaucher.

@tamagotchi_83 - Sure, send us an email and we’ll help you get sorted out.