Using browser that is not recommended


I would like to know if it possible to use a browser that is not recommended. I like to read at work during my down time, but I believe that we only use IE7 so have not been able to access the site. Is there anyway around this problem without downloading another browser.


@therightcoast - As of our recent update last month, we only support IE versions 10 and higher. There are significant usability issues with IE 9 and lower, and because of this we have restricted access to the site and display a banner encouraging learners to switch to another browser or upgrade to IE 10 or higher.

If you have a mobile device, you can also download our iOS or Android app (links in the footer) to access your lessons.

@Alex: Is it possible not to show this message on a Windows Phone? I was used to read the forum with it. That worked fine but now the message about the browser issue makes it impossible to read the beginning of a thread.

@VeraI - Does Windows Phone also use IE? I checked and there do appear to be other browsers available for Windows Phone. Is it the same issue with these other browsers as well?