User Hints, Additional Dictionaries, Larger Font

We have just pushed some small improvements to the site. First of all, we have increased the general font size of the site. Many of you pointed out that it was a bit small before, especially when trying to read in a new language and with characters you’re not used to.

You will also see a new button on the widget, the “User Hints” button. This button pops up a list of hints that other members have created for your term. It is specific to your native language so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any hints sometimes. All this means is that nobody has previously created a hint for that word in your language. You can be the first! Over time, of course, more and more words will have hints in the system in all languages. Another interesting feature of the “User Hints” function is that the system will start to automatically add the most popular hints when you LingQ a term. If a hint is shared by more than one member for the same term, it will be automatically added for others who LingQ that term in the future.

Finally, you will now also see links at the bottom the dictionary box to other dictionary or translation resources on the web. These links are under the Babylon translation and clicking on the links will take you to these other sites and show you any information they have about your term. You will see links to different sites depending on which language you are studying and on your native language. I’m sure there are many other good dictionary resources on the web so please let us know which are your favourites.

Happy LingQing!

thanks Mark, I couldn’t find this describe before so I asked.

Thanks Mark, now it’s more clear and I think we have a few Germans who learn English so I see only my own creations.

Only one point:

When I created a new LingQ and there is a “Users Hint” (my own) and I come back to this LingQ I can see the green box when I go IN the widget and type in anything at the lowest a blank - not before.
Is that correct or should I be able to see the box right away when I open the LingQ widget?

I don’t really understand what you mean, Irene, but you should be able to see the User Hints button all the time.

Mark, it’s clear that you cannot understand but I am not able to see the “user Hints” all the time.

When I created a LingQ and I look later to this LingQ, the LingQ-widget opens but there is no green box.

The green box comes when I go in the line from Hint or Phrase and type there anything or only a click on spacer.

I see it now, Irene. That is not supposed to happen. It is a bug in IE. We will fix it as soon as possible.

We uploaded a few additional dictionaries today. We added a link to the Paukerin dictionary for Portuguese-German and German-Portuguese and we added the dictionary for German-English although it will now appear for all German learners. You can find these additional dictonary links below the main Babylon translations. If there are other dictionaries you think would be useful, please let us know about them here on the Forum.

We also fixed some problems we have been experiencing in the Internet Explorer. The User Hints button and dictionary links were not working properly but are now. And there was some significant slowness on the WorkDesk page that has been corrected. Sorry for any inconvenience and please do let us know any time you find problems on the site.

The dictionnary you have added “” is good, still one that I most of the time use to find other definitions or better sentences for a word is “” The stress and pronunciation of the words are also provided.
Another dictionnary I occasionnally use is “” to find a translation from English to French. Any other languages are also available. is a good site and we will add it soon (hopefully). is already there for English-French and some others.