[usability bug] popup at multiple of daily goal: well intended, but useless

During the beta I spoke out in favor of the popup every 50 coins (if 50 coins is your daily limit). Other people did not find it funny or useful.

Now the software is live, it changed the layout such that the popup overlays the useful information in the box of definitions and notes. The popup contains no useful information. The intended signal is that you have reached 1, 2 or more times your daily limit.

In itself, the signal could be motivating. However, overlapping useful information (def and note) with useless information (current status) is not helpful. It is annoying that I am obliged to click it away in order to see what I am doing,

My suggestion would be: find a less intrusive way to give the same signal or just let the header give the signal. No popup, no specific action, just the header showing the number of times you reached your limit. Personally, I think the header is clear enough to not require a signal at all.

If anyone agrees: please let people know, so hopefully this will get attention and be corrected.


It would be nice if we could get an option to disable the popup from appearing.


I agree! The popup is useless and annoying…

I like the popup. It can be dismissed easily.

Indeed, this popup is distracting, and it’s annoying to have it cover importent info and need to be clicked down continually. It should at least be moved away from important info or made a momentary thing that dissapears, if not removed completely. This is not the first thread about it, and I think there are quite a few agreeing here.

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The popup is very distracting from the learning process. It like a student intrupting me when I am teaching it takes me time to get focused again on the learning process. I am struggling to get back on track with the new platform.


[bump] Could someone from Lingq please respond? At least the option to turn the signal off.

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I don’t think this is in plans at the moment, but I’ll ask our team if that’s something we can implement in future.