URL in lesson

You might have noticed that together with tomaSito, Al3, MEster and moretij I created a lesson read by speakers of Portuguese from several countries (Portugal, Mozambique, and Brazil; AI3 joined the initiative and is from Mexico).

the discussion:

the lesson:

We want to create a link in the lesson so that the members who take it can listen directly to the other recordings.
The problem is that the URL doesn’t appear as a link, and it is not easy to copy it, because each word appears as a segment from which you might create a Lingq.
Is there any way to refer to the other recordings without this problem?


You should add the link to the lesson notes in the ressources. There you can include links.

Hi Vera, thanks for the suggestion, but I wonder if it is visible enough.

Perhaps you can mention it in the text.

Thanks again, Vera, good idea!