Urgent? They have no tutor in Spanish. Why?

I wanted to take an easy discussion or an one and one conversation with one with a tutor, but they are nobody. I would like to take an easy discussion or a one and one conversation in Spanish, the Tuesday the 5 of August, or Wednesday the 6 of August, or Saturday the 9 of August, or Saturday the 16 of August, or Tuesday the 19 of August, or Saturday the 23 of August. I am waiting for your disponibilities before writing my discussions and conversations 1/1 in French. Thanks!
Look forward to your answers!

hi johanne I’m one of the 4 spanish tutors.

I am available so feel free to add me as your tutor and we can set up the best time for both of us those days.


Thanks for your answer but I cannot click on you or other tutor than Steve because there is no picture of you anymore when I click on Speak. What can I do more? Gracias! Johanne


You need to create some discussion events for your name and picture to appear.

Thanks Steve! I hope that Berta will look at the forum soon, and Alejandro also! Johanne


We all have to have patience as we get LingQ working better and better. Right now tutors put up events and no one comes, and so they get discouraged. Then learners look for discussions times and there are none.

That is why we set up this conversation forum so learners can indicated when they would like to have a discussion, and on what topics and maybe their level. Tutors can also talk about what they can offer.


Sorry if I look like I was impatient, but I have never been thinking badly. I understand these kind of technological problems; I have such of troubles whith that. I just wanted to let the Spanish tutors know, that I was really enthusiasted to try to talk Spanish with them. Berta has already communicated with me (nice of her), but she does not know that I can not pick her as a tutor, because she did not created some event yet. It is just for this reason that I wrote: I hope she will come at the forum soon! Yes, the forum it’s a good place to solve our problems we struggle with, however, the writing has no voice to hear, so it can be misunterstood. So sorry for this! Johanne

No Johanne. I appreciate you speaking up on the Forum. That is how LingQ can improve for all its members.


You need to create some discussion events for your name and picture to appear. "

you mean in the “hablar” tab? or here in the forum?

ok I now know what you mean :))) It’s done now.

Thanks Berta! I will subscrive after my discussion. Hasta luego! Johanne

¡estupendo! :))

tell me if you prefer another time though

gracias a tí

Perfect Berta! No problema! Hasta Luego! Johanne