Uploading Content

I have seen several of Steve’s videos about language learning online and joined this site after he spoke of it so much (without knowing he started it).

Anyways, he mentions several times when discussing materials he is trying to learn that he “uploads it to LingQ”. But everything I can seem to find about uploading content has to do with uploading a new lesson and requires more steps than I care to deal with.

I am a new user to maybe I just haven’t learned this part yet, but all I want to do is have the ability to load in text material so that I can use LingQ’s amazing text translation and reading ability. I don’t care to deal with making or sharing lessons, licensing issues, etc. Just simple text to translate for myself.


The following (tried and trusted) only needs to be done once and then you can import happily in a second or so:

Go the the library page (under LEARN), drag the Import Bookmarklet (left-hand side underneath the filters) onto your Bookmarks bar.

From then on all you have to do is select text on the website you are visiting, click on the Import Bookmarklet, wait for the pop-up language box to appear, choose the language you want it to go into and off you go to study it on LingQ.

BTW, the Bookmarklet can be a bit temperamental, so occasionally one has to re-drag it.

There is also the much flashier way of using the new LingQ Chrome extension which would allow you to do your LingQ-ing etc straight on the other website you are visiting.

Or simply use “Import lesson” under the Task menu ( direct Link for English: Login - LingQ ) and Copy&Paste any text into the lesson.

Read more about it here: Import Help

Thanks, that’s probably the coolest thing ever!