Upgrading membership

a few minutes ago (20/05/2011-20:17 and 20:15), i tried to upgrade my membership by paying 10 USD by my mastercard, but in the screen it is shown that “PayPal failed to charge the specified card.” but my card was charged 1 USD each time. I tried two times, it was failed at the second trial also, but charged again.
I am expecting your help

thank you

ozgur tutar

Hi Ozgur,

I responded to your email, but I’ll respond here just in case others have the same problem.

Usually this will happen if there is a problem with your card, but all of our payments are handled by PayPal so we can’t actually tell you why your card isn’t working. You will either have to contact your credit card company or PayPal (at 402-935-7733) to find out what is happening.

Sorry there isn’t more we can do for you!

Also, you have not been charged $1. In order to set up a recurring payment, the system tries to charge you $1 and then voids this transaction and sets up your payment. For some reason your payment did not go through. You should contact your credit card company to find out why.