Upgrading-downgrading problem


I’ve created a bit of a problem for myself :).
here is the story:

I upgraded from free to plus on March 28th. Soon I’ve realized that I will be buying a lot more points (short conversations system seems to be very effective for my Russian and Spanish and I think it’s exactly what I need at the moment) - so decided to go on premium membership next month. However, because of the payment date (next one was supposed to be 27th of April), it turned out that I was going to pay 39$ membership for this month+additional points I was planning to buy+79$ membership for the next moth - all from my April’s income, which I cannot afford at the moment, so I wanted to move payment date a few days later (so I pay for May at 1st of May). The plan to do this was: cancel recurring payment (the one that was supposed to go on 27th of April), be few days on Free membership (between 27th of April and 1st of May) and than pay for Premium memb. on 1st of May.

now here is the problem: I’ve just cancelled recurring payment, thinking that I will be on Plus till the 27th of April. But I am obviously downgraded to Free already and cannot create any more LingQs, although I’ve paid for Plus memb. for the period of 28th March - 27th April. :frowning:

so how I resolve this? :slight_smile:
should I click ‘upgrade to plus’ again (and then cancel recurring payment just a day before it is supposed to go through)? will that get me where I was in the beginning? :slight_smile:

Wow! This is well beyond my level of competence. I know Mark is traveling but I am sure he will see this and come up with a solution so that you can continue your happy LingQing.

thanks, I also hope he will know some way out, because, aside from LingQs, this also means that I cannot buy points at a discounted price in this period.

Hi Aineko,

I have manually upgraded your account until April 27th. It will downgrade to Free on that day. In future, if you downgrade to Free, your membership stops instantly.