Upgrade question

Hi - when you upgrade and have “unlimited” links, is that for only ONE of the the supported languages? Or unlimited links for multiple supported languages?
And thank you!

All languages. Go for it!

I’m adding (returning to) Spanish (kind of let it go when the Italian took over in the 90’s) and there is a good chance I’ll be working with two Russian sopranos regarding some music projects so I’m wanting to add Russian to my “new” language list - It’s one I’ve never attempted (other that a Pimsleur lesson from the Palo Alto library in the 90’s which went absolutely nowhere). So by starting a completely fresh language on LingQ, I’ll better be able to evaluate the performance of the site. Of course I’ll keep my Italian and the more recent beginning German skills in the LingQ mix as well - so you could say I’m excited…
Thanks again to you Steve and Team LingQ for such a wonderful contribution to one of my favorite interests - languages…

Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

Good luck with all your language, Daniel! Thanks for the appreciative feedback!