Updating vocabulary

I’ve noticed over the past week, that my vocabulary that I learn in French (only) hasn’t been added to my progress snapshot. It has stayed at 3 for the past few days…

Were these words that were learned before or that were indicated as Known before. They will not count as learned LingQs if that is the case since they have already been counted.

I double checked again today, Mark, and I learned and added 15 LingQs in French (updating them from a 0 to a 4), but I see that my vocab. count is still staying at 3. Somehow that just doesn’t add up.


Are these words that were highlighted in blue when you opened the lesson? Then, you hovered on them and clicked one of the suggested Hints or clicked “Create Hint” to create your own? Then you updated them to status 4 by flashcarding them correctly 7 or 8 times in a row? And, your Learned LingQs count did not change? How about your Known Words? If this is what you did, all your Learned LingQs and Known Words should have increased by 15. This works for me in every browser I can try. Is there something else you are doing?