Updating Known Vocabulary

I’m curious as to what is the best way to update strides that I’ve made in my vocabulary on LingQ? I haven’t been reading too much of the content lately, because I was given a whole bunch of pre/post Christmas books to read, but I’ve still certainly been reading a great deal and learning a lot. Do I have to just wait until I come across words I know now at some later point in time when I start reading LingQ content again in order to mark them as known?


I think that (short of having a list of the words you’ve learned and importing that) the best way is to look through the vocabulary page, filtering out known words (and maybe from a practical standpoint, also filtering out level 1 words as well). This can get boring quickly, but if you want to update I can’t think of another effective way. If you have learned lots of words in a particular category and you’ve been tagging this category, you can filter accordingly.