Updated times not counting

I am living in Italy, married to an Italian. In the house we speak mostly Italian, and when I go out around the town I use (bad) Italian to communicate with people. Television is usually watched in Italian. Some of my speaking/ listening is with people that I am doing language exchange with, some is with real Italians in real life situations. As I am living in the country, I do not pay to use the tutors available through the site.

Why is this relevant? I recently figured out how to add speaking and listening hours, and I have been adding 2 hours per day to each- I am not going to time conversations so I am throwing out a rough estimate, some days I’m sure it’s much higher, while others it may be a little less. I have noticed that my “coins” are not reflecting those added 4 (2 listening + 2 speaking) hours.

Is this normal or is it a bug of some sort?

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Yes, that’s normal. Manually added speaking/listening hours will increase your stats but won’t affect your coins balance.

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Ok, Thank you