Updated lingq waste

I think that the new lingq site was a waste, I don’t even feel like using it anymore. What was wrong with the one before?

I don’t know what happened but for me the layout seems not to work. I tried FF and IE7 and both are looking like a chaos.

Yes Vera there are problems. The LingQing function does not seem to work right now, nor does the sound bar. There are other issues but we will fix them.

Please let us know the specific issues and we will seek to resolve them. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated. I have seen the new LingQ on our QA server where things worked properly and know that once we resolve the problems most users will be happier.

Steve, I try to explain the things that are a problem.

To “actualize” the browser solved some problems. Sorry, that I didn’t try it before.

Me monitor seems to be to small. Did you test on wide screen monitors only?
I see 3 of the lessons steps in one row and the fourth one is under the third one.
I I choose the smallest text size than I have the 4 steps in one row on the start site. On the lesson site I still have 3 in a line and one in the next line.
But then I have a problem on the Community page. The blue headline is mixed with the informations below (I cannot better explain it).

In “My writing” on the start site is a mixture of my writings, and the corrections that I did.

I will test more.