Updated LingQ looks really great!

Wow, updated LingQ seems very efficient and more beautiful. Thank a lot for constantly improving it!

Same goes for me, I really get the feeling that the developers must be users because these are very smart changes. Good luck with the debugging. One small request would be to consider the zoom level of the browser when placing the pop-ups. I always read with the screen zoomed somewhat and I guess the placement is assuming 100% zoom, so it can be some distance from the highlighted word. Not urgent but nice to have.

Thanks Tom and Ina. We will address these issues.

I think that all bugs that I notice, have been already reported, so I will write how I like new version of LingQ :))

First of all I like the feature that writings that I corrected are shown on my writing page as student. Just because on tutor page (“Submitions”) they are sorted from the oldest to the newest, and at student writing reports page they are sorted from the newest to the oldest. I reread last writings that I corrected rather often, so now it will be easier. It would be even more great if not only title, turnaround time and date, but the number of words will be shown. In this case, tutors will be able to use this page, when they fill invoice :wink:

I like new lesson page (yes, it does not work properly, but I like it even now)

I am confused with a new look of Library… Although I like the section “My imports” :slight_smile:

And I like to see “25 most important LingQs” again! :)))

Wow, I like that on Vocabulary page I can filter lingqs by lessons! I will definitely use this feature, as previously I rather often reviewed lingqs from lesson page :))

Thank you thank you thank you for moving the LingQ control panel back to the right-hand side! I really it found it awkward when it was at the bottom, because everything seemed all squashed together. Now there’s ample room for reading the text, right down to the bottom of the screen.

I’ve only just seen the update, so I’m going to browse through the site and check it all out. Just looking at the LingQCentral blog makes me realise how major an update this was!

Hi Rasana, on the tutor submission site you can sort the submissions by clicking on “Submitted date”. Then the newest one is on the top.

People always go crazy when something is new and there are always problems. The listing is good, because it helps the programmers streamline problems, but with programming and any kind of computer science the general rule is, if it can go wrong it will go wrong if you can’t figure why it’s wrong.

As far as the lay out, no one ever likes new layouts, then you get used to it and it’s over. Once those important bugs are fixed it’ll be same more or less the same lingq. We’ll be fine, while lingq is being figured out we can all go try Rosetta Stone for a couple days then that’ll make us realize just how good we have it.

I haven’t used Lingq for a long time but I am happy to be here with you again.
I am postively surprised with this new, fresh look.
I really like it and it is much more functional and nice looking. All the tutors, administors and members are doing a great job.
I hope our community will be growing every day.