Update problem: finding previously viewed lessons

Before the recent update of the Lingq platform, I would see the lessons I had recently opened on the right in the order that I had just reviewed them. For a longer list, I would click on “My Lessons” and see the list of what I had previously reviewed in the order I had done the lessons. If I looked at a lesson again after my initial view, the lesson was repositioned higher on the list of the lessons viewed so that it appeared amongst those recently opened. This made sense.

However, after the update, only a few of the most recent lessons I viewed appear on the right. When I click on “My Lessons,” I get a list of all of the categories of lessons that I have viewed: for example, Day after Day, Simple Texts, Dialogues, Newspaper articles, Chapters from Steve’s book, etc. The individual lessons in the courses are not listed in the order that I viewed them. As a result, it is difficult to find a specific lesson that I already did if it is not one of the handful that appear on the right side of the screen.

This is NOT a useful way of organizing lessons that I have done. I do not open all of the individual lessons in a given category. I never did and never will. Instead, I pick and choose what interests ME at the moment based on the subject matter and number of words that are unknown at that moment. The course categories may be useful to appear in a “Library” of available materials, but only in a most general way. Some categories are clearly geared to beginners and contain valuable grammar and usage information for that level. Others contain lessons that provide dialogues, stories or texts at higher levels (Intermediate 1, 2) but this is only a general guide… Whether I want to open a lesson that has 10% or 25% unknown words depends on what I myself know and my own approach. It is not determined by the categorization of a lesson as being “Beginner 2” or “Intermediate 1.” To be clear, these categorizations provide general guidance, especially for those first starting LingQ, but when I am looking for the lessons that I myself already did, I want to see a list of just that: those lessons – and only those lessons-- that I opened previously. I am not interested in the categories. The categories should appear as a general Library link for those interested in opening lessons in a particular category.

Some of the categories are large and contain a lot of individual lessons. I do not want to scroll through all of them, looking for something that I already viewed that I want to view again. I may not even remember the exact title. Instead, it is more efficient for me to look for lessons in the order that I viewed them as was possible prior to the update.

I should note that on the iPhone app for LingQ, the individual lessons appear in the order I have opened them, completely differently than what appears on my computer screen after the update.

If my description of how previous lessons appear on my computer is not shared by others, then please tell me how to have this fixed. Otherwise, I vigorously request that LingQ change the way in which previously viewed lessons are accessed by users on a computer. The new way is time-consuming and annoying. It greatly discourages me from opening a lesson again except on my phone . I look forward to hearing from Technical Support.

Hi Tracey,
If you change the “Sort by” option on the My Lessons page to “Newly Accessed”, list of last opened courses/lessons should appear.

I tried this and it does not work. When I select “Newly Accessed,” I get the general categories (courses?) and within those categories are included numerous individual lessons that I never opened. If the lessons I had in fact opened appeared in the order I did them with the latest one at the top of the list, this would make sense. But as it stands now, that is not what I see. Instead, I get a list of ALL of the lessons in a particular category or course, regardless of whether I opened them or not.

When I chose the option to sort by ones I downloaded, this is a bit more helpful because I see the titles of TED talks and articles that I downloaded from non-LingQ sources. However, also included are the news articles that are posted on LingQ from Russian newspapers, arranged by each newspaper. Yet I have not (and do not intend to) download every article from each newspaper. What appears is a comprehensive list of ALL of the articles from a particular newspaper EVEN WHEN I DID NOT OPEN THOSE ARTICLES.

Thus, I am still not able to see a list of the individual lessons – and only those lessons --that I had previously opened or downloaded. Having a list of all of the CATEGORIES with all possible lessons in those categories is not helpful. Nor does it seem to be a logical way for “MY LESSONS” to work.

Again, is this only a problem for me or is it a system-wide glitch?

Make sure you are looking at Lessons. There is a switch at the top of the My Lessons tab that allows you to toggle between Courses and Lessons. You are currently looking at Courses. If you switch to Lessons, you will see what you saw before. This setting will then be remembered

OK that worked. Thanks.