Update and finish

When I work with an item and then I click one day the update-button my Progress Snapshot is updated.

For me, this content isn’t finish, I want to review the next 2-3 weeks again. But these reviews aren’t updated in the Progress Snapshot they will be after clicking “finish” I think.

In this time, when I review my Progress Snapshoot is stucking.

It would be nice to have the update button again and again. I don’t know if that is possible (or what other members think about).


The Update button tells the system which words you know after you have LingQed the words you don’t know. That is all it does and therefore it can’t be pressed twice. Everything else you do is tracked by the system and is reflected in the progress snapshot automatically. You don’t have to click a button to update your statistics.

Mark, I thought the update button would bring the the time for listen to and for reading in the Progress Snapshoot too and this is, what I would like have.
What does happen with this both after update?
Do I have to bring this information by hand in + ?
Or is this addition coming only on the end by “finish”-button?

Hello Irene,
According to my experience you can still click on the reading and listening arrows even after you have updated for the ‘known words’ and you will see the result in the Progress Snapshot. I only add extra listening time by hand. I think that even after you have clicked the finished button it works the same way, as Mark wrote above.

Thanks for writing alleray,
now I tested it and it is correct working.

Only during my test I saw the following:
when I click on the arrow for plus - it is working but because I tested I want to reduce again and clicked on the left side (for reducing) it doesn’t work. I had to reduce in Ssnapshot with minus.

You’re right Irene. It adds the statistics but doesn’t take them away. This is a bug. We will look into it. Thanks.