Update: 20 months

I’ve been doing Russian in six month stints. My method is a combo of memorizing frequency mp3 spoken words in anki, watching youtube and netflix and doing lingQ. The first year I did about 70-90% anki plus video, the last 8 months I’ve done about 50-50 lingQ reading plus anki with just a smattering of video.

Here’s where I’m at in terms of listening comprehension. I’m not there yet (target: 100% comprehension of target netflix shows).

Target (netflix)

Can follow it and match it to russian subtitles but without subtitles
can only sometimes recognize the words but it seems slurred/malpronounced
so I can’t keep up

To the lake:

Better than us:

The Method:

Native Spoken Podcasters no subtitles:
Can hear individual words clearly but brain is not fast enough to translate.
Remediation: listen enough until I understand without having to translate.
Sometimes understand chunks (as in a run of about 6-7 words in a row or occasional full phrase). If I pause and focus on a word or two mid-stream I can translate 1-2 words but the rest fall out of my short term memory buffer so I miss it.

Kate Clapp


Alexandra Orlova

This guy is just about my level: understand this guy 90% of the time no subtitles
Russian Progress with Artyom

Russian with Max: can understand this guy: 95-100% no subtitles

Classroom-russian: understand this 100% no subtitles
Tatiana Klimova

Maria Petrova