Unwanted pop-up

I regularly get a pop-up like this: YOU’RE ON FIRE! KEEP IT UP!


I complained about this during the beta. It seems strange to me to have annoying pop-ups all the time on a reading app. There are two options.

  1. Set your daily goals a lot higher so that it happens less. This could of course lose you your streak if you are unable to meet those goals consistently.

  2. Block the pop-up using some kind of browser extension. If you are on Chrome, I can show you how to do it since I do it for myself. I wrote a post about how to install the extension ‘Stylus’

With this you can install user styles that modify how the reader looks. I can show you how to do one that just hides this annoying pop-up if that is the only change you want to make.


Thank you, ColinJohnstonov! I’ll set my daily goal higher. I don’t pay attention to my streak!

Dear LingQ team. How about a comstom option that these pop-ups won’t be shown any more? To my understanding one of the advantigas of LingQ5 should be that it allows for more customization.
For me the less clicks I need the better (and those are not motivating to me at all) - if others like them such a customization should be fine for everyone.