Unwanted learning guide, after more than 10 years using LingQ

When I log in to Lingq on the Web App (using Google Chrome) I’m being forced to open Getting Started, Lesson 1, even though I’ve been using LingQ for more than 10 years and now have life membership. It’s incredibly annoying! How do I turn off the forced Learning Guide?
Everything else is absolutely fine, by the way, thank you.


That should be for new users only, to help them get started properly. Are you saying that each time you login to your account you see the walkthrough for beginners?

Hi Zoran,
Yes. Using Google Chrome on Windows 10, every time I log in I get a message saying “On LingQ, you will learn by reading and listening to compelling content.
Start with this lesson to learn the basics of how to use LingQ…” and the first lesson in the “Getting started” section is highlighted. The “Continue Learning” section, that I want to use, is not accessible. It doesn’t happen to me on the Android App, which I’ve been using in the meantime. I have had a similar problem on Android in the past, when I’ve changed devices, but I can easily turn it off. I cannot find any way of turning it off under Google Chrome on Windows 10.

I have found a work-around:

  • Scroll down so that the beginner’s walkthrough goes off the top of the page
  • Click on Profile
  • Click on Classic
  • Click on the last lesson used from the Classic menu.

Regards, Peter

Wait, you can get Life Membership?

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Yeah, with no chance of parole.



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I was offered Life Membership when coming up to my 70th birthday. The cost was just less than 2 years payments, so I jumped at it. I’ve now had my 74th birthday, so the investment paid off. I’m not a good student but I do have a best friend who is Russian, so I have a life commitment to learning her language. LingQ 5 is suiting me well, because it gives coins for many activities, not just for creating lingqs, as previous versions. Glad to say, I’m now Streeking!

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Thanks Peter, I’ll check that with our developers and figure out what’s going on.